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Client Testimonials

I was fortunate to be a winner at the US Green Card Lottery, through BRISTOLVISA, in the year 2016. I am now living happily with my husband in New York. Winning was only the first step in my journey to the US. Thereafter, we had to go through the visa application process that was complicated. We sought guidance from BRISTOLVISA which took us step by step towards the successful completion of the application. Their expertise and long experience enabled us secure visas. We can confidently recommend BRISTOLVISA to anyone who needs a reliable consultation when applying for a visa to go anywhere.

H A Kasuni Pavithra

I am living happily in New York with my wife. Our visa applications were handled by BRISTOLVISA. They studied the minutest of details about us before perfecting the applications. Of significance was the cover letter which had to be convincingly written, and BRISTOLVISA did it well. We are thankful to them for their assistance without which we may have not got to America.

R B D Madushan

I am thankful to BRISTOLVISA for having applied and handled my DV-2018 application throughout the process proving their experience. I am made to understand that BRISTOLVISA has been handling this DV Visa applications for over 15 years and have had a very successful career. The instructions they have given me from the point of applying for the particular DV application up to the point of receiving the immigrant visa was excellent. I am an undergraduate in a state university in Sri Lanka and at the time I received my visa I was in two minds whether to either leave my partly done education here or to reside permanently in the US. Nevertheless the very precise information provided by BRISTOLVISA made me to go the US and apply for a re entry permit enabling me to continue my studies until I get my degree in Sri Lanka and return to the US within the limit of two years. I once again thank BRISTOLVISA for guiding me to the visa completion and wish them all the best and strength to guide many more who will be fortunate in receiving the future DV lottery Visas.

Rumali Shenelka Tennekoon

Gone are the days when getting a visa was a simple thing. Today we see more refusals than approvals. In such a situation an applicant needs reliable guidance. I have had the fortune of forwarding my visa applications through BRISTOLVISA, whose expertise has brought me success every time. Then, I have referred some of my friends, to BRISTOLVISA with their visa applications and they too, have been successful at obtaining visas to their destinations. Congratulations BRISTOLVISA!

Dr. C Balachandiran

Having my Visa Application to the US refused was a great disappointment. However, when I walked in to BRISTOLVISA and explained my position, they undertook to forward a new application for me and assured me that I could expect success... and success was what I got. I can recommend BRISTOLVISA to anyone who is seeking reliable advice when applying for a visa.

D Saketha De Silva (N-Eliya)

I am happy my husband applied for our visas to the US through BRISTOLVISA. They did a great job for us and we shall soon be on our way to America. Thank you BRISTOLVISA.

I Himasara Ratnayake (N-Eliya)

My mother, S Saraswathy, who had an invitation from my brother to visit him in the UK, applied for her visa through BRISTOLVISA. I appreciate the manner in which they handled her application. Her visa was granted. I would recommend BRISTOLVISA for their expert guidance given to visa applicants.

Suresh Raj (Rajagiriya)

When I was planning to visit Canada, I was directed to BRISTOLVISA. After having acquired my details they forwarded my visa application. Shortly, thereafter, I was granted a visa thanks to their professional presentation of my application.

K Karawita (Matugama)

In my search for greener pastures, I had to face many occasions of misfortune at the lottery draws. However, I found success at the Green Card Lottery draw for 2018. After being selected, I realized that there was much to be done before applying for the visa. I entrusted the job to BRISTOLVISA who guided me through the process leading to the visa. I got my visa and I am now living in the USA. My thanks to BRISTOLVISA for a job well done.

Niroshani Chandrakumari Weeras

Participating in the US Green Card Lottery draw is a simple thing but what comes after becoming a winner is difficult. There are many important steps to be taken before forwarding the visa application. These are things that are beyond the imagination of a non-professional. So, I entrusted the responsibility of handling my visa application to BRISTOLVISA. I am glad I did so because, through their experience and expertise I was able to get the visa for me and my family. I would recommend them to any person applying for a visa to go anywhere.

K V D Umesh Sanjeewa Perera

We, my husband, child and I are now living in Pearland, Texas, USA following our success at the Green Card Lottery draw for 2018. We are gradually and happily establishing ourselves here. We are thankful to BRISTOLVISA who handled the visa process for us. We would recommend their services to those seeking visas to go abroad.

S Chathuri Gamage LLB

I received an invitation from my son to spend a short holiday with him on Staten Island, USA. I approached Bristol Cyber Cafe, predecessors to BRISTOLVISA in June 2015 for their assistance with my visa formalities. Their efficient and courteous service enabled me to obtain my visa. I would recommend them to anyone seeking assistance when filling up their visa applications.

H. Sarath Dias (Nugegoda)

My fiancé Thilina Vas Gunawardana was in the UK on a work permit. After our marriage, I applied for a Tier 2 UK Visa through BRISTOLVISA and was successful in my first attempt. I thank the Director and Staff of BRISTOLVISA for their professional approach.

Hiranya S Mendis (Moratuwa)